Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trip to the Zoo

Last week, we went to the wildlife zoo with some friends....Jodi, Will and Paul.   First, we went to the petting zoo before the crowds got there.
Not quite sure about all of this (an unusual posture for my little one)

We saw SO many different animals....jaguars, tigers, leopards, antelope, ostrich, birds, monkeys, etc.   There was even a place where you could feed the giraffes.   You could climb up a deck and put your hand out and the giraffe would come up and stick his LONG tongue out and eat out of your hand.
As a nice break from all the walking, we took a ride on the train.   This was such a nice treat.
We ended up going through the aquarium and then we were all beat!   A great couple hours with friends at the zoo.  Thanks Jodi for the idea.

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