Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2 Months Old!

This is my cutie pie at two months! Handsome little guy...I'm in love :)

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Internship FAQs

Where are you moving to this time?
We are moving to Goodyear, AZ which is in the southwest valley of Phoenix.  This is right next to Buckeye.  Goodyear is right in the middle of where we will be doing ministry.

What is the internship?
Paul has accepted an internship with King of Kings PCA.  This is a recent church plant and Paul will be working with their pastor, Josh Hahne.   He will be learning a lot about what it takes to plant a church and how to best love and pastor in the community.   Paul will be preaching at least once a month; more if other churches in the area need him.  He will also be studying for licensure within the presbytery.

How long will you be in Goodyear?
As of right now, the internship will be for 7 months - through August.

When will you be moving?
Hopefully next week.  We are waiting on a rental house so as soon as that is available, we are making plans to go up there.

Is the internship full-time?
No.  Paul is also job hunting and looking for part-time work.  He also does web design so if you or someone you know needs his services, let us know  :)

What will you do after the internship?
We don't know yet.  Paul will be looking at current churches that need a pastor as well as looking into church planting.

Aren't you tired of moving around?  
Yes!  But I am thankful that my husband is following the Lord's call on his life even though it's not the smoothest path (from our viewpoint).   We long to be settled somewhere and trust that God is using each move, each experience to further prepare us for ministry.

How can we pray for you?
1)  That God might use this season as a time to grow our family in learning ministry. 
2)  For the transitions for Abby.  I think it's been really hard on her and she doesn't understand everything that is going on.   That she become settled once we move.
3)  For relationships in our new community.
4)  For financial provision - either through support or a job for Paul.  

Thursday, January 7, 2010

6 weeks

Silas was 6 weeks old yesterday.  Time is flying fast already although I can't believe I have gone this long with such little sleep.   He is growing fast and gaining weight like crazy.  On Dec 29th, he weighed 8 lbs even.  I can only imagine what he weighs now - at the rate he was going, it was a pound a week.

We have moved down to Tucson and are living with Paul's parents for a bit.   I am SO thankful for the warm weather while the rest of the US freezes.  It's been 65 the whole week and I am lovin' it.

Abby is slowly adjusting after all the moving around.  Honestly, she's had a hard time - a whole new side of her has come out, one that is not so pretty.   Paul and I have been put to the test with her tantrums.