Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Starting Solids

Last night we began solids with Silas.   He's been definitely more interested lately with food and watching spoons and forks.   I made my own rice cereal this time.  By the way, I love this website.  It gives so many great and wonderful ideas about making all your own baby food.   Yes, I guess I am a bit crunchy (I do cloth diapers, hang out my laundry, etc) but not philisophically; just because I am cheap frugal!  I also like to know exactly what my child eats.  Anyway, back to the fun stuff - Silas trying to eat.   He spit most of it out although he kept tipping his head back which helped get some of it down.   The mess has begun!
All my bibs are packed away and I was just too lazy to go find them last night.
This has got to taste so very bland although I did squirt in a bit of breast milk.  (Literally!)

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