Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Abby!

This past weekend we went down to Tucson to celebrate Abby's birthday with family and friends.   I'll have to post more pictures later but this post is to chronicle Abby's ladybug cakes.   And so we begin with Abby and Mommy making batter and the best part of course is Abby getting to lick the beaters.
I baked the cake in a glass bowl to give the lady bug it's main shape.  We had extra batter so decided to go ahead and do two cakes - one was our trial and error cake  :)
The body and head of the lady bug.  We rounded off the cupcake so that it was flush to the main body.
The icing was a lot of fun too.  I don't think I quite got it thick enough but I was just making up the recipe on the spot (and we were running out of time).   I added whipped cream cheese, a bit of butter, some milk and powdered sugar.   For the red and black colors, I actually bought cake coloring from Michaels - I really wanted these colors to be strong.
Icing the cupcakes.   I realized Saturday morning that I had left my cake decorating kit back in Goodyear.  I tried to buy just the bags with the plastic nozzels but inadvertently bought parts for two different sets.   So we just had to make do.
The finished cupcakes!!
The finished cakes!!!  Can you tell which one was the trial one???   Thanks to my friend Karissa for all her decorating work.   The antennae are made out of black licorice.
Yup!  She loved it!

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