Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Names

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With our first born, we had a ton of boy names we liked but then found out we were having a girl.   What to call her?  I, along with many teachers, found finding names harder if you have taught a particularly difficult child with a name you like.    Looking back, both my husband and I think that we were the ones to come up with our daughter's name.  It is Abigail but most often we call her Abby.   I love the story of Abigail in the bible and how she is such a model of beauty and wisdom.   Abby's middle name is Sophia which means wisdom in Greek.

Our second born is named Silas Anthony.   I've always loved the name Silas - again from the Bible.  This one I did have to persuade my husband on - he said it grew on him.  That is one perk of having 8 months for pregnancy (I say 8 months because I only go 8 months).   Anthony is a family middle name going back for several generations.

We want to have more kids and I don't want to feel locked in to having a bible name but I also don't want to have one child being the only one without a bible name.  What do you think?  Am I over thinking this?


  1. i love hearing how people come up with the names for their kids. i have some friends who just pick whatever sounds good and some (like me) who are particular about meaning. maybe you are over thinking the biblical thing a tad. although, i am partial to biblical names and the bible full of all kinds of names so you may be ok. :-)

  2. Just have more than one with a non-Bible name. So maybe half with, half without? ;D

  3. I have an Abigail myself and we call her Abby as well. I have not met a Silas before so great original name. Love that they are both biblical as well. I think you should just go with what names you think fit best, you are probably over thinking it but that is what us moms do.

  4. My firstborn is named Silas James...I love hearing that there are other Silas' out there!!