Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Blessed Beyond Measure

Truly delighted in God's blessings to me.
1)   Thankful for nice customer service people.  This morning at Safeway, I asked if they had ground lamb.  "No, we don't but we'd be happy to order it for you.  It'll be here tomorrow."   Thanks Safeway Meat Department.

2)   Thankful that Abby has made an excellent transition to the toddler bed.   She only got out of bed the first couple of times.  Today, when we got back from running errands, she just went in her room and climbed in bed for her nap.

3)   Thankful for God's provision to us through others.   One of our dining room table chairs broke this past week - the welding actually broke.   Anyway, we've been saving for awhile to get a new one and we were told today of a financial gift to our family that will allow us to get the new table.

4)   Ditto on number 1.   At World Market, where we want to get our table, we had such a sweet lady helping us.  The table which we want is on sale this week but not all of it is in stock.  She offered to give us a raincheck so that we could keep the sale price and wait until the table and chairs come in.   She even called several different stores to help us find what we were looking for.

5)  A lesson from our faithful God.   We don't make a lot of money and last month I was struggling to be obedient in tithing.   I know God has been faithful in the past and I was trusting Him to faithful again.   We gave our tithe and God blessed us in amazing ways!

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