Thursday, February 26, 2009

Praying with one eye open

When we were little girls, we used to get in trouble if we caught a sister with their eyes open during prayer…because of course, that meant our eyes were open too. When I pray, I like to close my eyes…I can block out all the distractions around me, try to connect my thoughts, “search me and try me o God”. I once tried hiking and praying with my eyes open and praying out-loud. It was a bit awkward for me but I was willing to try it until I ran into another hiker.

In past weeks, Abby has gotten a lot more mobile. During devotion time, she is constantly getting into trouble. Now I must pray with one eye open and less than half of my faculties working well. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit intercedes for us when our own prayers are less than coherent!

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