Sunday, February 1, 2009

9 months old today

abby9monthsAbby is 9 months old today. I am sitting here watching her play on the floor where she is rolling over and over until she gets where she wants to get. This is brand new. It's almost as if her body knew she was hitting the 9 month mark and said "Get mobile now". I guess that means we have to babyproof the house now. I think she'll find out soon enough that rolling is not an efficient way to get around and hopefully figure out crawling. Another fun thing Abby is doing is trying to mimic what we are doing when we talk. She can say bababa now. She used to do "k" sounds - I know - backwards. She has also figured out to do the "all done" sign with her hand but she does it all the time, even when hungry so no context for it yet, I guess. We're only using three signs so far - "more", "all-done" and "please". Question for mothers out there. Is juice necessary for babies/toddlers? Do they really get important nutrition from juice? Abby so far does not like juice and loves water. I am fine with this and would actually prefer it. I don't want to push juice on her unless she needs it. I was thinking that it has got to be better to eat your veggies and fruit than to drink it.


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