Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have a love/hate relationship with buffets. I feel like I always overeat at buffets in order to “get my money’s worth”. I mean, who goes to buffets for a nice gourmet meal? No! You go to buffet to get quantity. So, for the most part, I resist buffets. There are two exceptions to my rule. The first is Chinese. I love Chinese food – it’s my all time comfort food. I would never be able to pick only one dish and be satisfied so Chinese buffet is great. My other exception is indian food. I just love indian food – probably my favorite ethnic food genre. It’s the only place where if I leave feeling overstuffed, I’m okay with it. Since we moved here, we pass an Indian food restaurant every time we leave the apartment. Today we finally went there for lunch. We weren’t planning to go when we left the house for church so we didn’t have any food packed for Abby. She also hadn’t slept at church so she was tired. We decided to risk it anyway and went on in. Paul and I took turns getting our plates full from the buffet. The names of the dishes were the same as other Indian restaurants we’ve been to but the food wasn’t quite the same. It was okay. Probably wouldn’t go back to this same one. There was one dish with curried potatoes and cauliflower. I sliced them up and let Abby at them and boy! did she enjoy it. Her hands and shirt were stained that bright yellow curry color. I’m actually not sure if there was more food on the floor or that she ate. We became that family that left a disaster behind us. Thankfully we were in the back corner and maybe, just maybe no one else would even venture back there.
On a completely different topic – Abby is definitely learning the word “no”. She’s been doing this nasty whining that we’ve been working on with her. This morning when I said “no, ma’m”, she immediately started crying for real. Just a few minutes ago, I told her “no” when she was trying to reach for the computer. Again, she started crying. So….progress!

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