Sunday, March 1, 2009

Abby is 10 months old

img_2067Today Abby is 10 months old! She is such a delight to us as she continually grows. She is rolling all over - quite the speed roller actually. I think she is on the verge of crawling. She has two teeth and possibly some on the way - if her recent behavior is any indication. Abby loves people - she's very mellow, laid-back and especially loves kids. The girls at church play with her and she is simply content. Abby is eating so much these days - I finally got her to like beans and rice.

This is a weird thought but hopefully I can get it out. Abby looks just like Paul; so much in fact that I have a hard time recognizing that she is really part of me. I get surprised actually when she exhibits a characteristic of mine.


In my head, it's almost as if she is just a really great baby that I get to take care of and raise. And yet, she is of me. She is my daughter and will probably look more like me as she demonstrates mannerisms of mine. For now though, I have to remind myself constantly that she is indeed my baby girl.

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