Monday, December 21, 2009

Goings on...

My friend Marie had a baby boy, Tobias, just 6 days before we had Silas.   The story was a bit different though.  She's tiny and was a few days overdue.  She gave birth to a 10 lb baby boy!!!!   Later that week, I (not so tiny) gave birth to a 4lb 11.5 oz little tyke.   We met up last night when she and her family came to visit Nana  :)  Here they are next to each other a month later.

This morning I received an email back from University of Phoenix Online School that they would like my resume.  I am trying to find something that I can do at home to help out with income.  So, Silas was sleeping and I put on a short video for Abby so that I could try to get the resume done.  Either she was more tired than I thought or the video was really boring.

And I need to pack....and pack...and figure out meals for the next week and go grocery shopping....I think I need some chocolate.

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  1. HA! like mother like daughter!! the TV/movies have some sedative effect on you!