Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to our family/friends, Jeff and Laura. They were coming to see us for Thanksgiving and we were so thrilled to get caught up with them. They were both in our wedding 3 years ago and actually, that was the last time we've seen them. Little did they know what they were getting into. The first morning here, I woke Jeff up with a call saying "Get ready, you need to come take care of Abby, we're going to the hospital". Of course, my contractions subsided for a bit so it wasn't until later that afternoon that we actually left.

Laura and Jeff ended up coming to the hospital with us and Laura was there in the delivery room with Paul and I. That night, she also stayed in the hospital with me. Paul wanted to make sure Abby had a familiar face that night so he went back home.

So a huge THANKYOU to Jeff and Laura for being here, for coming to the hospital with us, for taking care of Abby for over 24 hours, for helping us make a yummy delicious thanksgiving dinner, for hanging out with us, for playing Settlers of Catan, for praying with and for us.   We LOVE you!!!

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