Thursday, December 3, 2009

Room Enough

Throughout my pregnancy, I struggled with how would I love this new child.  I loved Abby so much it didn't seem there would be room for another to have that same love.   I also don't "bond" with my baby in the womb like many other moms seem to do.  I am thankful for him but I don't feel a closeness with him.  When Silas was born, I immediately fell in love with him (and all of you moms told me that would happen).  The problem was, Abby wasn't there.  So I worried that I didn't love her as much and maybe my love just transferred.  What would I do when I got home to my little girl?  (These are the crazy thoughts I have in the middle of the night).

You probably already know the end of the story but it's still amazing to me.  I love BOTH of my children incredibly - to the moon and back!  There is no competition for my love but room enough for Abigail, Silas and whomever else God will grant us in the future.

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