Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthday Fun

Saturday was my 32nd birthday. This first picture shows enough gifts to me, don't you think?
Our good friends had us over for dessert. Allison worked so hard on these cupcakes, aren't they cute? It does make it hard though to blow out ALL the candles at one time. Abby is fascinated with blowing out things so we let her blow one of them out.
Chris and Allison had their baby boy about 7 weeks before we had ours. It was so much fun going through pregnancy together and now having our newborns together. It always amazes me that now, the age difference is so huge but in a year, they will basically be the "same age".
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  1. I love the pictures!! Sarah, you look amazing for just having a baby!! Happy Birthday! I love both of your children too :)