Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Tears

Ever since Silas was born, I have been a bit teary.  At first, it was tears of being overwhelmed, of wondering if I could handle all the things that I think I have to do.   I am learning that there are things that must be done and there are things that I just would like done.   I must not stress over the state of my house.   The last few days, I've had happy tears.  I become so overwhelmed at God's goodness to me and my family.  Last night, we were having our family devotion time.  I was holding Silas and Paul was holding Abby.  We ended by singing several songs including the "haha" song.  Abby tried singing along and at the end, Paul threw her up in the air to which Abby just giggled and giggled, wanting more and more.  I sat rocking Silas, tears rolling down my face, reflecting on what God has given me in just the past few years.   Paul and I are coming up on our third wedding anniversary.  He is such a wonderful, godly man that my Heavenly Father saw fit to give to me.   Within those three years, God has also seen fit to grant us the privelege of having two wonderful, healthy children.   This is especially incredible to me as I recall the struggles with endometriosis that I have had.   After one ultrasound to check for reoccurance, I was told that it would be very hard to have children because of all the scarring that I have.   Praise God!   He is the giver of life and loves to work wonders in His children.

So for those who see me on a daily basis, don't worry, my tears are happy tears!


  1. This is a awesome testimony Sarah. I love hearing how God works in peoples lives. All should come to know this feeling. As his greatness always brings tears to my eyes. His loving power is amazing. Never doubt what God can do for all of us. With Love Marc

  2. Be grateful everything you have. Cherish every moment. Capture the memories, pictures, and stories.

    Make sure you all talk about the "what ifs" and have a plan. I'm grateful Roger and I were "forced" to talk about everything in pre-marital counseling. I am extremely grateful for a life insurance policy.