Thursday, November 12, 2009

From the early years

We desire for Abby to be a helpful girl who loves to serve others. I am thinking more about the future but I am learning that it starts even now. And especially now when she wants to "help". Honestly, her helping at this stage is harder for us. She takes the dishes out of the drainer and puts them back in the water. When I am sweeping, she takes the swiffer mop and just twirls around. When I am making cookies, she's trying to dump extra spices in the dough. From watching other moms, I know it is worth it. She's being taught that she is an intregal part of our household. That she can help! I need to remember our vision for Abby and remain patient even when it's just faster to do it myself. On that note, Paul's been teaching her to put stuff away before dinner while I am cooking. Abby does not like that part at all, she screams and cries while Paul takes her hand and walks around the house putting the toys away. But pretty soon, her tears dry up and she figures it out, even feeling "proud of herself" that she puts things away.
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  1. Sarah, this is just so precious. This reminds me of Beth's devotional at our shower on Sunday. You are wise in training her so early on. This post was a great reminder to me as I train my girls with patience, keeping in mind that they have a part in God's work and that their "help" should be strongly encouraged and valued by me.


  2. thanks for the reminder! i will admit that this is very very hard for me. i am the kind of person that just wants to do things myself so they can get done quicker and right. thanks for reminding me to think of the big picture. now, i need to go help the boys clean up their toys. :-)