Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cows have the right of way.....

I live in a rural area...most of you know that.   Today I was reminded just how rural it is.  I actually probably share this experience with my sister, Andrea, who lives in Zambia.   On my way home from the grocery store, I have two roads to choose from.  I chose Macy Lane.   A few miles into my drive, I noticed a herd of about 50 cattle coming my way.  Now this actually happened a few months ago and I turned around, went back to town, and took the other road.   I did not want to do this today so I backed up and sat in a driveway of a nearby ranch, waiting for the cows to go by.   The lead cowboy started coming toward me on his horse.   I thought for sure I was parked in the exact spot where they were trying to go.  Actually, the man was so nice and asked if I could just stay there and block the drive so the cattle wouldn't go down the wrong way.   But please back up so that I won't fall in the ditch.   This is where I must have missed the fact that he wanted me to turn my car sideways so as to "block" the road more effectively.    Mr. Cowboy went on his way to the next turnoff down the road.   Here was my chance to "help".  I backed up and turned my car off.   I thought how fun this was going to be so I pulled Abby out of her carseat and had her come up front with me to watch all the cows and the horses.  The first  3 or 4 cows went straight...then the rest surrounded me on all sides in an attempt to get around us and go down the drive anyway.   So much for me being a deterrance.  I think if anything, I was more temptation for the cows to find a way around.   The back three cowboys(girl) seemed rather flustered to have their cows out of control and then me in the middle of all of this.  You know the feeling when you are trying to help but actually are more in the way?   That's what I was feeling.  Once the last cow had passed me by, Ms. Cowgirl waved me on.   I still had Abby sitting right next to me but I started the car and drove down the road about a half mile and then put her back in her carseat.   Days are always so much more fun with a bit of adventure!

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