Monday, November 16, 2009


On Saturday, we had the privilege to drive just north of Colorado Springs to visit Peter
and Janet. Janet is my first cousin and I've known Peter for a long time. The last time
that I saw them was at a shower when I was pregnant with Abby. Neither one of them
had met Paul or Abby. It's so fun for me to have Paul meet my extended family. Granted
that is a huge task but bit by bit, he's getting to know them.

It was also just great to get off this mountain for the day. We had a nice drive where Paul and I just talked and talked. After we met up with Peter and Janet, we went out for some mexican food. Just saying though, we have NOT found a restaurant in Colorado that does justice to mexican food. My plate looked like chinese stir-fry with a slice of avocado on the side (does that make it mexican?).

Later in the afternoon, we just talked and talked, and then played a fun game of Settlers of Catan (Peter won). For me, it was such a refreshing day to spend with them and get reconnected. Thanks to my sweet hubby for being completely relaxed and willing to spend his whole day there.

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