Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cherishing the moments

My sweet little girl taking a nap on Mommy's bed. Lately, I've found myself wanting to hold Abby more, to rock her to sleep and just be snuggly with her. She's been so good about always just going to sleep after I lay her down in her crib but I've wanted to cling to her a bit more. I think about the baby coming in just a few more weeks and realize I won't have as many of these moments with her.
Abby's favorite activity recently is dancing with Mama. She likes it especially when I am holding her and just moving all around - dips and twirls and spins :) She'll dance if she hears music in a store (or even church). Sometimes, she makes her own music and sings. Yesterday while I was tutoring, I looked up and she had her hand in the air and was just dancing and laughing.
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  1. that's awesome sarah! obviously having 2 kids is great and you will love the new baby, but there are certainly times that i miss having special alone moments with jeremiah like we used to have. enjoy these last few weeks!