Saturday, October 31, 2009

Learning to live with a mess

I love a clutter-free home!  I love to be able to walk across my living room without stumbling over toys and books or getting gunk on my sock from food left on the carpet.   I love the clean lines of a bed neatly made every morning.  I love a clean sink and countertop, not to mention a clean stove.

BUT... I've had to let a lot of that go.  Not on a permanent basis mind you, but I can not constantly stress out about the fact that I just put the toys away and now they are out again.    I can not worry that I just did the dishes and already more are stacked in the sink.   I need not be upset that I just vacuumed and already there are cookie crumbs on the carpet.   I must not get upset that I just mopped and then in comes my husband with his snow boots. 

I remember my mom telling the story of wanting her house a certain way...including my parents bedroom.   One day she realized that she wasn't the only one living there; that my dad had a way that he liked to live too.    I try to keep this in mind as I am now one of three living in our household. 

It's more important that I love Abby and spend time with her than to keep her toys and books kept neat.   It's better to greet my husband with a kiss and a smile at the door than a complaining tongue.   It's the better way to love people rather than my things or my house!

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