Thursday, June 3, 2010

What is she up to?

Abby that is....she truly does enjoy life.  Last week she tried fingerpainting with some friends.
She also loves playing on the boxes on our back porch.   We've been slowing getting rid of them through recycling but until then, Abby loves it.  These were what our table and chairs came in.
Notice the flowers in the background? 

Another favorite game for Abby is to take her watering can and a bucket of water and to water the flowers.   It's great since it is getting hot here.   Right now my thermometer says 102.  Yeah, it's hot.

Abby has done an amazing job at switching to her toddler bed.  I think she feels like such a big girl now.   The bed rail is so nice - no more falling out of bed several times a night (like the first 3 nights).  Don't worry, I put a nice, fluffy comforter on the floor so that she would be padded on her fall.

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