Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Basic Manners

Abby is in a small gymnastics class. It meets once a week for 6 weeks and there are about 8 other little ones in it.   This was for her to learn some basics but also for me to meet some people out in the community.   So far, little mom interaction but I have noticed appalling lack of manners being taught.  The moms are supposed to stay with their kids so we're never that far away.   Many of the activities are ones where we have to wait our turn as there is only 1 pair of bars or 1 incline mat, etc.   Some kids just jump in front of those in line.  Now I would understand if the kid was just by themselves.  It's easy to forget to wait in line.  But the mom is right there and doesn't encourage the child to go to the end of the line.   I can't believe how many times I've heard "Okay, just go time, go to the end of the line".   The thing is there is never a "next" time.  The child always cuts in line.   Another activity is the parachute.  Our instructor gives very clear instructions and yet there is always a child or two that wants to jump on the parachute or go underneath.  Again, I completely understand...Abby is one that today wanted to jump on the parachute.  But come on Mom, do your job!   These are great teaching opportunities.   Teach your child to take their turn.  Teach your child to listen to instructions.  Take your child out of the "classroom" if he or she is screaming their head off.  Teach your child not to be a bully just because they are bigger than the other kids.  

Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures soon of Abby actually doing some of these things.  She's improved so much.  Today she went upside down (sorry, not the technical term) on the ropes with handles (again, can't recall tech. term)

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  1. Good for you Sarah. You must take all opportunities to teach your children. This is socialization. It is also putting into practice Deut 6. It is a long haul but keep it up. Some day the children will thank you...mine did!