Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mom's Group

My baby boy is growing up so fast.  Last Sunday, he turned 5 months old.   This picture was taken on our way out to a playdate with the local mom's group.   I am trying to meet new people in the area but I am not having much success with this mom's group.  Several events have been canceled on me.  On this day, we all met at a local splash park.   No one really talked to one another.  You know...the awkward feeling when no one knows what to say and that person is missing who is the "get to know you" person.  I love these people in my life.  The ones who ask questions, who make connections between different people in the group like "Sherry...did you know that Katherine also....."  or "Jessica, tell me about your last trip out east".   I think I eventually do this but I have to warm up a bit and get to know them first.
So...any advice out there?  Do I stick it out and keep trying?  Does it get any better?

By the way, I fully expect my closest friends to be those from church.  But I want to also reach out as well to unbelievers.

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