Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Abby excited for our trip.  This was pretty short lived but she loved having her own backpack.
Our layover in Houston.   Abby finally succumbed to sleep.   Daddy is watching the kiddos while I dash off to the restroom.

At the place we were staying, there was only one pack n play which Abby had.   My mom suggested having Silas sleep in a drawer which worked really well.   It was a drawer from my grandmother's house which introduces another whole story. 

My grandmother hid money all throughout the house.   There was money hidden in the oven, in bags, in aluminum foil, any random place.   As I was giving back the drawer, I removed the padding and blankets and underneath a paper lining, I saw an envelope slide.   Behold!  I found treasure.   Crisp money in the envelope.   I had to give it back but the thrill of finding it was pretty fun.

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