Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just life

Abby got her first skinned knee on Saturday afternoon. She was running outside in loose shoes and fell on the rocks (we have NO grass, just rocks). She wasn't terribly hurt; more just liked saying and showing her "owie"
This is my new purse. It's my very first "expensive purse" all leather, etc. It's small enough that I can put it in the diaper bag when I am out with kids or carry it with me if I am out by myself. I only paid 25% of the price though. It was 25% off, then someone gave me a gift card for the store, and I was left with only a small balance. It's such a fun color but I am struggling with feeling committed to green. The store clerk said that if I chose green it meant I was down to earth....well, that's true so maybe I'll keep it.
Sweet Silas on his way to dreamland. Tomorrow he will be 4 months old!
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