Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Homemade baby food

So those that know me know that I can be cheap. Not all the time. For example, I am using disposable diapers instead of cloth diapers. Probably only because I only have access to a washing machine once a week but I must admit that I like using disposable. You only have to deal with the “yuck” once. So I’ve been researching making my own baby food because I just can’t stomach the idea of buying those jars of preservative rich baby food. I’ve also been to enough baby showers where you have to smell and taste to guess what the food is. Gross!!! I am also a control freak. I want to know what I am really feeding my baby. So yesterday was my first attempt to mass produce some baby food. I steamed carrots in the new steamer bags (awesome by the way since to get the most nutrients don’t cook veggies in water). Then I added a bit of water and blended it into a smooth texture. Next I filled an ice cube tray with my carrot mush and froze them overnight. This morning, they popped right out and I placed them in good freezer bags. Now when I want Abby to have some carrots, I just take a carrot cube out and let it defrost.

My next goal is to start making my own rice cereal. Something just makes me cringe about the packaged cereal that I buy. Eventually, Paul and I would like to purchase the Nutrimill which would let us grind our own wheat and anything else such as rice to make nice rice flour. We’ll have to save up for that or maybe we’ll get enough Christmas money for that

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