Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Springtime in Wisconsin

Last week we had our thaw.  The snow had all but melted and we started thinking about where we were going to plant our garden and flowers.  We needed to think about buying rakes to get the leaves that hadn't been raked last fall.  We needed to think about getting a lawn mower for the summer.  And then.....we got socked with another storm.   It was actually a "thundersnow".   Thunder and lightening last night and then we got dumped with about 10 inches of heavy wet snow with more to come today.

Abby and I went for a short walk and picked up tree limbs that were out in the road.
Abby doing her share!

Pictures from our walk.  It felt magical.

Abby watching Daddy clear snow off the truck.  Sad bit of news - a tree limb fell on Paul's truck and knocked some of the molding off the back.  Thankfully that was all the damage!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Can't believe that surprise snowfall!

  2. How precious! I love her boots... :)

  3. Beautiful, it really does look magical!

  4. One day I want to come visit.

  5. beautiful. It seems a little early to anticipate spring in Wisconsin.It looks like so much fun.