Monday, February 28, 2011

Children's Museum

Last week we went with some friends to the children's museum in Appleton.  What a fun day!  Abby is now at the age where she could have stayed a lot longer but the 1 year olds were having nothing of it.  We started out in Grandma's Closet where the girls played dress-up.  

Silas attempted the shoes but the realized that wasn't for him and went to play with the farm animals.

The water room was a ton of fun.  They provided raincoats (which make the kids look adorable!) and they just played and played!


To sit at this particular table, there was a weight limit of 25lbs and both of my kids could still participate!
 The calmest part of the whole museum was the fruit and vegetable garden.  Mostly because it was limited to those 3 and under 
 Playing so nicely together.
Off on his own.
 Hope they never try this in real life  :)
Okay, this was so cool - a movable crane with a magnet on the bottom to pick up metal balls and place them in containers.   I wanted so badly to just figure this out and "play" in here for awhile.   BUT duty called....Silas was melting down....(oh yeah, I have to be responsible and take care of my kids)

After the museum, we all went for a short walk to get some delicious pizza and then went back home.   Such a fun day!

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  1. How fun. I bet it was interesting to see you kids explore and play. What a joy.