Saturday, October 23, 2010


Our new exciting life is to be in Green Bay, WI!  Paul was asked to come be the associate pastor at New Hope OPC.   We are thrilled to be part of what God is and will be doing here at New Hope.

Since getting here last week, we've been house hunting and more house hunting!   And we found what we think is just the right house for our family and ministry.  We put in an offer on it last Wednesday expecting a three day wait until we got an answer.   Instead it was only 3 hours!   The inspection is Monday and our prayer is that if God does NOT want us to have this house that something would show up in the inspection.

Already I am in love with Wisconsin.  It is such a beautiful state!   I think my view of the midwest has been skewed most of my life due to my limited experience.   I can see myself here for a long time.

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