Sunday, August 1, 2010

8 months old!

Silas turned 8 months old last week!   We didn't get pics until quite a few days later (already I'm doing what I said I would NEVER do).   The first child should NOT get all the pics, right?    I was going to be on top of it, writing in their journals, making their books, etc.   Oh dear, if it is this hard with two, imagine with more!!!  

But here are the most recent of Silas and then a few with Abby as she wanted in on the 'fun'!


  1. he is so handsome!!! This is such a cute stage! Agogo

  2. they are so cute! and his eyes are amazing.

  3. His eyes are so pretty & his skin is so tan. What a cutie! I need to warn all my friends having girls :D