Sunday, July 11, 2010

One year Anniversary

One year ago my sister Debbie and her fiance Erick got married.  Mind you, this was only a 2 week engagement (long story short, my missionary family was about to go back to Africa and in order to have everyone at the wedding, we had the wedding in Colorado at the seminary where Paul attended).   It was amazing - God gave us such beautiful flowers, a friend helped with the cake, another did the photography, another friend arranged the flowers, more friends helped with the reception, and on and on it goes.   What a blessing everyone was!    But here are so great photos of the grand event.

Check out the beautiful bride!
 Her handsome groom
I think they make a pretty good looking couple, don't you?

We were blessed to have the whole fam-damily there for the event.   (Silas was in my tummy at the time)
One of my favorite pictures is this one with Debbie and Abby and Ian.
Here's to many more wonderful years together Debbie and Erick!

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  1. Thank you Sarah!! Thank you for all that you did for me and Erick. I love you and greatly appreciate you!