Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Meal

Today Abby had her very first Happy Meal at McDonalds.  Gone are the days when the meal came in a little cardboard box - now it is just a paper bag.   There are also tons of choices - I went healthy on her and got the apples and milk instead of fries and a soda.   We entered the kids play area - both of our eyes wide trying to take it all in.  Abby ate her whole hamburger and just waved at people as they went by.   After the hamburger, she started getting antsy.  I let her down to "go play".   At first, she just watched the other kids run around.   Then she found the staircase tube.  Up, up, up she went.   As kids went by her, she kept going and following them.  I lost all visual contact.   I figured she found the tube that went across into the next play area and sure enough, out of the hanging helicopter, I hear a small, sweet voice saying "hi....mama....hi".   I was glad she was having fun but my heart was beating so hard inside.   "Would she be able to come back down?  Would she fall?  Would the bigger kids push her over?   What if she starts crying and thinks she is stuck?  What would I do with Silas?  Would someone steal Silas while I am trying to get Abby?"   (Yes, my imagination is still in overdrive).    Finally, she started coming down and when I called her name, she just started crying.   One kid wanted to help by pulling her down the stairs.....ughhh.   Once she was out, hands cleaned, tears wiped away, Abby had a yummy cookie and all was well.  

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  1. :-)
    uh-oh, jeremiah would probably be the well-intentioned kid who wanted to help her down.

    as for kids getting stolen, you should read "Free-Range Kids" it is really easy and funny to read and puts a good perspective on that whole fear.