Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting settled

We've been in our new home now for just over two weeks. The boxes are unpacked and pictures are hung on the wall. It is home :) Abby already knows where everything is and how things work in the new place. She also has a unique ability to find every piece of trash left in the back yard by the previous owner. She's found an old Toystory doll, a blade, paper, and dog doodoo. We also have a play park just another house down from us. She loves playing outside. Today, she ran to the door and said "Let's go!!!".
Silas continues to grow and grow. The last few mornings, he's been smiley. It's hard for me to capture it on film because he usually smiles when I am in his face with my face. Another little bit of news is that he is actually and finally taking a paci. He's fussy a lot and this is making all of our lives a bit calmer.

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