Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation Part 2

While on vacation, I fell down some stairs and sprained my ankle.  Thankfully that was all it was since I was also holding Silas.   This however, cut short our time in NY and we decided to go down to Chattanooga and visit my sister Debbie.  

One of the days we went searching for water and found it next to the aquarium.

My cousin, Laura came down from Clemson to spend a couple days with us.  What a treat to see her and to meet her little one, Lillian.   Last time we saw them, Silas was born (suddenly) and Lillian was still in the womb.

My dad is one of 8 siblings with 6 of them being overseas involved in missions work.  Among those 8, they have 27 kids who are also scattered around the globe.  But in Chattanooga, there is a large contingent of cousins.  For some reason, we tend to really like it here!  While we were visiting, we had a cousin night.  It was a lot of fun for me because most of them had never met Paul and I had never met several of their spouses.

4 of us are pregnant.  Here we are in order of due date.  Obviously I am way last.
The next day we went through the aquarium with Laura and Lillian.  My ankle was still pretty sore and so I had the humiliating experience of being pushed around in a wheelchair the whole time.  At least I got to snuggle with Lillian.

 Getting to touch the sting rays.
 In the butterfly exhibit, a gentleman just came over and put this one on my finger.
 Two tired, hot babies!
Fun but exhausting day!

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