Monday, June 13, 2011


"Look Mom, I match....see flowers (on dress) and flowers (on hat)"   

My sweet girl has inherited her mother's poor fashion sense.  I already see it.   But she does enjoy dressing up, wearing pink, wearing fancy shoes, finding jewelry, wearing makeup maybe, just maybe there is hope for her.  How can a little girl be so girly?   How does she learn to giggle like "that"?


  1. My Sara has the same fashion sense. We call it her Cyndi Lauper period :) Embrace it!

  2. Abby is so girly because she has lots of Estrogen running around in her body. She looks sweet. I am glad you have a girl for these fun times. This will not be Silas' delight. He will love the trucks and dirt.

  3. She's just adorable, and this is not unusual. I have a girlfriend from high school whose daughter does this daily - to go to school - and especially for school pictures. Love seeing their sense of individuality come out! :-)