Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today we went sledding for the second time this season.  The first time we used cardboard boxes and since then, we splurged on some real plastic sleds.   Today wasn't quite so cold - only in the 20's!

Unfortunately, Silas did not appreciate being outside very much.  Also, his snowpants were so tight that he couldn't walk.
 Abby on the other hand totally enjoyed her time. Daddy would carry her up the hill and then she would get to slide "down...down...down". 
 Making snow angels!
Getting snow all over her face!

Trying to upload a video but it isn't working yet....stay tuned!


  1. oh Sarah, Silas looks so pitiful. You cant help but feel sorry for the guy. Im glad Abby was having fun. I love her hat! hehe

  2. I was wondering who the miserable looking character was. I only figured out when I saw Abby in pink. I am glad 75% of the family had fun! Mom

  3. Those pics of Silas made me laugh! He doesn't look to enthused ;-D What fun to play in the snow! And such great pictures of all of you guys!