Friday, September 18, 2009

Random Moments

Last night we had a birthday party for a friend. I made a cake that had chocolate and coffee in it and of course, Abby had some. Well, time for night-night and guess who could not go to sleep? I was actually lying in bed about to go to sleep when I heard her chatting away. I looked over at her side of the room and she had pulled the curtain back and was peeking out - why do they always have to be so cute at times like this?
Paul has a theory that we all have some OCD tendencies - some fewer than others, but anyway, Abby has a few. Like shutting doors, drawers and pushing the chairs in. So earlier in the evening with our friends, she shut the bathroom door. Only problem was that their little 4 year old girl was in the bathroom and the lights were not on. There are no windows in our tiny bathroom and so the little girl was very scared. The lights are on the outside of the room too! Thankfully all was well with a bit of cake :)

This outfit was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Mourreale. So cute!!!! I had Abby wear it on Wednesday when Paul had to preach in chapel. It made him smile! You can't really see it in the picture, but I had Abby's hair back in a red ponytail. I think she looks older when her hair is back. Also, she is wearing real shoes. Normally she wears her robeez (like moccasins) all the time. She was pretty funny trying to clump around in them.

Abby loves to mimic whatever we are doing including brushing her teeth. She was constantly on the move last night so this pic is a bit blurry.
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