Friday, July 11, 2008

Sweet Baby

It's amazing how quickly you can fall in love with a child. Abby is just so sweet especially now that she smiles a lot more often. She's making cooing noises and almost what seems like a laugh.

\"My mommy is funny\"

Last night she slept for 6 1/2 was like heaven especially since the night before she was up at least 4 times. I think she is beginning to recognize Paul and I. I can tell that she knows my voice. She also knows that when I hold her that I am also her milk source :)

I am ready for bed

We take Abby everywhere with us. For the 4th of July, we went downtown to the local parade in Westcliffe and then also looked at the carshow. Later than night, we went out to fireworks at the lake. Right when the fireworks started, Abby had a bit of a meltdown. It was after all a LONG day!

Abby at the parade

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