Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Glucose Tolerance Test

The glucose tolerance test sucks! I didn’t think I had to have it in the first place but then there I am being called in for it. They really have a way to convince young mothers “It is for your baby….you do want to be healthy for your baby, don’t you? Do you know what all could happen if you don’t take this test?, etc, etc”. So I up my carbs for three days per doctor’s orders. Then I fast for 12 hours before taking a super sugar drink. You have to wait three hours before you can go since they draw blood every hour to see how your body is tolerating the glucose. My technician says “The first hour is especially rough. Don’t throw up or you have to come back another day”. Encouraging news as I begin this waiting period. Imagine eating a bag of starbursts or skittles for breakfast and then nothing else….eeks! So what does that do for the baby? I made it through the 3 hours with only the bruises from drawing blood to show for it. But then….sugar crash! I slept for quite awhile in the afternoon although I didn’t feel quite right until the next day. Today, I heard the results. I passed with flying colors!!!! Apparently my body does okay handling that much sugar but I think I’ll pass on eating skittles for breakfast.

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